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RX-M EX Trading Platform

Modular trading and communications fabric designed to meet the order processing and risk management needs of professional and institutional global market participants

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RX-M is dedicated to helping customers innovate. We empower firms with our broad industry perspective and enable business leaders to guide their organizations through change and optimized use of modern container-based, microservice solutions at scale. We accomplish these goals via our core services:

Instructor-led training with a focus on cloud native & open source technologies
Cloud native & open source technology advisory & consulting services
Financial Services advisory & consulting services
Financial Services trading platforms & systems

As trusted advisers, we strategize with your teams to develop a road map which embraces innovations that give your organization a competitive advantage.

As experts we advise & teach your teams the skills they need to effectively leverage the latest in open source software solutions and processes.

As partners, we are invested in your success.

Our Clients:
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Wells Fargo
Lockheed Martin
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