Kubernetes Boot Camp with CKA Exam

This five day certification bootcamp delivers an intensive training experience that is both practical and mapped to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. Participants will conclude this instructor led training course by taking the CKA exam in class.

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Kubernetes 1.8

Kubernetes 1.8 graduates RBAC to stable, promotes outbound traffic filtering via network policies to beta, and adds native K8s support for Apache Spark in the Workload API.
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Microservice Architecture

Microservices are changing the way organizations look at modern IT business practices; enable your team with training from RX-M

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Docker 17.09 Training

Docker 17.09 introduces several improvements to Compose files and Stack deployments, as well as promotes the overlay2 graphdriver.

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EX Trading Platform

Modular trading and communications fabric designed to meet the order processing and risk management needs of professional and institutional global market participants

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