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Archive for January 2020

Chris Hanson to Speak at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020

Exciting news! Chris Hanson, a Senior Cloud Native Engineer with RX-M will be speaking at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 about zero-downtime deployments on Kubernetes. Chris’s session will cover how Kubernetes provides several types of automation controllers to deploy and manage applications at scale and how each has features that provide for zero-downtime upgrades and…

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A Quick Review of Kubernetes etcd

So you’ve got a Kubernetes cluster, now what? etcd is the persistent key-value store that holds the state of a Kubernetes cluster. Every pod, deployment, secret, kubelet – everything about a Kubernetes cluster is stored in etcd. That means that etcd is one of the most important things to keep backups for, and is an…

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The Kubernetes Learning Journey for Developers


As an official Kubernetes Training Partner and Certified Service Provider, we’re often asked what’s the best way for developers and DevOps teams to properly skill-up on Kubernetes.   There are a few paths future Kubernetes developers can take on their way to becoming Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKAD).  For Kubernetes beginners, we recommend starting first with…

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How does Kubernetes Ingress work?

In this quick video, we answer the question of how Ingresses in Kubernetes work. Ingresses manage external access to services and pods within a cluster.  We start with three pods in our cluster, with their IP addresses ending at .9, .17, and .22. These pods use an existing pod network with the CIDR of 10.32.x./16.…

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Using Raw API calls to control Kubernetes

This quick video explains how you configure Kubernetes pods to control Kubernetes itself with raw API calls. Most users interact with Kubernetes using kubectl. kubectl itself is a sophisticated wrapper for “curl” and communicates with a Kubernetes cluster’s API server. Using the -v flag followed by a number tells kubectl to show the exact call…

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