CKA Self-Study Course

These self-study modules contain all of the topics outlined in the CNCF CKA Exam Curriculum. If you are not already familiar with the curriculum, take a moment to familiarize yourself as you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of each topic in order to pass the CKA exam.

Module 1 - Cluster Architecture, Installation, and Configuration

  1. Manage role based access control (RBAC)
  2. Use Kubeadm to install a basic cluster
  3. Manage a highly-available Kubernetes cluster
  4. Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster
  5. Perform a version upgrade on a Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm
  6. Implement etcd backup and restore
  7. Practice Drill

Module 2 - Workloads and Scheduling

  1. Understand deployments and how to perform rolling update and rollbacks
  2. Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to configure applications
  3. Know how to scale applications
  4. Understand the primitives used to create robust, self-healing, application deployments
  5. Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling
  6. Awareness of manifest management and common templating tools
  7. Practice Drill

Module 3 - Services and Networking

  1. Understand host networking configuration on the cluster nodes
  2. Understand connectivity between Pods
  3. Understand ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer service types and endpoints
  4. Know how to use Ingress controllers and Ingress resources
  5. Know how to configure and use CoreDNS
  6. Choose an appropriate container network interface plugin
  7. Practice Drill

Module 4 - Storage

  1. Understand storage classes, persistent volumes
  2. Understand volume mode, access modes and reclaim policies for volumes
  3. Understand persistent volume claims primitive
  4. Know how to configure applications with persistent storage
  5.  Practice Drill

Module 5 - Troubleshooting

  1. Evaluate cluster and node logging
  2. Understand how to monitor applications
  3. Manage container stdout & stderr logs
  4. Troubleshoot application failure
  5. Troubleshoot cluster component failure
  6. Troubleshoot networking
  7. Practice Drill

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