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CKA Self-Study Mod 1

CKA Self-Study Mod 1

In this module of the RX-M online CKA prep course we will be covering the cluster architecture, installation, and configuration topics identified by the CNCF CKA Exam Curriculum. If you are not already familiar with the curriculum, take a moment to familiarize yourself, as you will be required to know each of the topics in order to pass the test.

Configure Authentication and Authorization

Roles, ClusterRoles, RoleBinding and ClusterRoleBindings control user account permissions that control how they interact with resources deployed in the cluster. ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings are non-namespaced resources. Roles and RoleBindings sets

Practice Drill

Create a role and a role-binding that gives a user named networker permissions to get and list the ingresses and network policies. As another exercise, try to