CKAD Self-Study Course

These four self-study modules contain all of the topics outlined in the CNCF CKAD Exam Curriculum. If you are not already familiar with the curriculum, take a moment to familiarize yourself as you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of each topic in order to pass the exam.

Module 1 - Application Design and Build

  1. Define, Build, and Modify Container Images
  2. Understand Jobs and CronJobs
  3. Understand Multi-Container Pod Design Patterns
  4. Utilize Persistent and Ephemeral Volumes
  5. Practice Drills

Module 2 - Application Deployment

  1. Deployments and Rolling Updates
  2. Deployments and Rollbacks
  3. Scale Applications
  4. Deployment Patterns
  5. Use the Helm Package Manager to Deploy Existing Packages
  6. Practice Drill

Module 3 - Application Environment Configuration and Security

  1. Discover and Use Resources that Extend Kubernetes
  2. Understanding Authentication, Authorization and Admission Control
  3. Resource Requests and Limits
  4. LimitRanges
  5. Namespace Quotas
  6. ConfigMaps
  7. Secrets
  8. Mounting ConfigMaps/Secrets as Volumes or Environment Variables
  9. Service Accounts
  10. SecurityContext
  11. Practice Drill

Module 4 - Services and networking

  1. Services and Other Network Primitives
  2. Ingress Controllers and Ingress Resources
    1. Using Network Policies
  3. Practice Drill

Module 5 - Application Observability and Maintenance

  1. Understand API Deprecations
  2. Liveness Probes and Readiness Probes
  3. Container Logging
  4. Monitoring Applications
  5. Debugging
  6. Practice Drill

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