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CKAD Self-Study Mod 2

CKAD Self-Study Mod 2

In this module of the RX-M online CKAD prep course, we will be covering the multi-container pods and observability topics identified by the CNCF CKAD Exam Curriculum. If you are not already familiar with the curriculum, take a moment to familiarize yourself as you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of each topic in order to pass the exam.

Deployments and Rolling Updates

A deployment is a controller that ensures an application’s pods run according to a desired state. Deployments create and control replicaSets, which create and remove

Deployments and Rollbacks

Kubernetes allows users to undo deployment updates. Deployments can be rolled back to a previous version with kubectl rollout undo deploy or you can specify a specific

Scale Applications

Applications deployed using a controller like a Deployment or statefulSet can be scaled up or down by modifying the number of replicas. Changing the replicas key value

Deployment Patterns

As you have seen, deployments when combined with services, can expose new application features and updates to users with little downtime. That combination allows a

Practice Drill

Create a deployment with five replicas named cicd that creates pods that run the jenkins/jenkins:lts image.