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CKAD Self-Study Mod 5

CKAD Self-Study Mod 5

In this module of the RX-M online CKAD prep course, we will be covering the services and networking topics identified by the CNCF CKAD Exam Curriculum. If you are not already familiar with the curriculum, take a moment to familiarize yourself as you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of each topic in order to pass the exam.

Container Logging

Kubernetes retrieves container logs from a container’s standard output and standard error streams. The applications running in the container must output their logs to a

Monitoring Applications

For the CKAD exam, the scope of monitoring applications is only within the scope of Kubernetes (including the Kubernetes metrics server). Key metrics to monitor


Debugging running applications in Kubernetes starts by retrieving simple status information about the pods.Here are a few places to start looking: Pod status – is

Practice Drill

The pod defined in the problem.yaml below creates a pod meant to run a perpetual tail command in the busybox image. The pod, which runs an init container with