Your Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation uses emerging technology to create new business processes, culture, and customer experiences allowing businesses to lead in competitive markets. Digital transformation requires continuous activity across the entire organization. 

It is a journey managing technology, automation, data and data management, process, and culture. Realized gains will impact your organization as well as your customers. RX-M, market neutral and unbiased, stands ready to leverage our success from working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

We can help your organization navigate your digital transformation initiatives with a knowledge base that has guided Fortune 100 companies across the globe to accelerate their business with Cloud Native Open Source Technology. 

Whether your priorities are a shift to Cloud Native infrastructure with a Kubernetes-based platform or improving application architecture, engineering processes, and culture, RX-M can provide services and expertise to deliver value to your customers and your organization.

Make RX-M Your Market Neutral Resource for Cloud-Native Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation Course Offerings


Design Thinking (1 Day)

Value Stream Mapping (1 Day)

DevOps Foundation (2 Days)

DevSecOps Foundation (2 Days)

DevOps Leader (2 Days)

SRE Foundation (2 Days)

Scrum Foundation (2 Days)

Scrum Master (2 Days)

Scrum Product Owner (2 Days)

Scrum Developer (3 Days)

Agile Leadership (2 Days)

Observability (2 Days)

GitOps (2 Days)

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (2 Days)

Continuous Testing Foundation (2 Days)

Certified Agile Service Manager (2 Days)


Microservice Application Development (3-5 Days)

Container Technology (2-5 Days)

Kubernetes for Operators, Developers, and Security Professionals (2-5 Days)

Cloud Native Systems (1 Day Seminar)

Cloud Native Stateful Workloads (2 Days)

Kafka (2-5 Days)

Go (2-5 Days)

Cassandra (2-5 Days)

Redis (2 Days)

GitLab CI (2 Days)

Jenkins CI (1-3 Days)

Network Automation with Ansible (3 Days)

Terraform (2 Days)

Prometheus (2 Days)

EFK Stack (3 Days)

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