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Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes.

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How to Use the Custom Course Builder

Drag the modules that you want from the Modules column on the right to the Custom Course column on the left.

RX-M course modules include:

    • 45 minutes of lecture including slides and live demos
    • A 45-minute lab where students work through examples and challenges to gain a deeper understanding and develop practical skills

A full day of training consists of four modules (leaving time for a lunch break, lab reviews, and additional interaction). Once you reach multiple 4 modules any subsequent module(s) will overflow into the following day.

Want to know more about a module?

Hover your mouse over the module name for a short description of what the module covers.

Not sure about sequencing?

If you know what topics you want to cover but are not sure what order to put them in that is okay! Use the Sequence Course Modules button to automatically rearrange the modules in a curated order based on topic difficulty, module dependencies, and overall flow of subject matter in the course.

Want to save your custom course?

Click on the Course URL button to generate a custom URL that you can copy, save, and share!

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