RX-M leverages decades of software and platform architecture and development experience combined with an extensive delivery background to provide expert advisory and development services to our customers


RX-M provides advisory services to a wide range of companies, helping startups and fortune 100 firms alike tackle challenging projects with the assurances that an outside perspective can bring


RX-M staff have created patented technology, giving us a unique ability to help clients recognize and protect their own IP

RX-M welcomes opportunities to assist clients with a broad range of technology consulting services. RX-M offers end-to-end advisory and consulting services. Our core areas of focus are cloud native & open source technologies and financial services.

Our cloud native & open source specialization allows clients to gain an unbiased approach for solutions designed to optimize use of new & emerging technologies. Leverage our experience and expertise to enable your organization for improved efficiency & automation derived from modern software practices. Take advantage of our approach which is designed to consider your current state and desired state in relation to business goals and expected outcomes.

Our financial markets experience has driven our team of software engineers to adopt the highest standards of reliability and quality. Our team has developed systems transacting billions of dollars in securities daily. Our primary competency is in producing high performance systems and we add the most value in the context of low latency and/or large scale service development. We treat every project with the same sense of criticality.

Cloud Native &
Open Source

Leverage our experience and expertise of for optimized use of cloud native and open source technologies. RX-M is extremely focused on evangelizing and contributing to the evolution of next generation of software architecture, application management and platforms. We have a focus on technology that is:

Microservices oriented
Container packaged
Dynamically deployed and orchestrated

Unbiased: RX-M does not have a stake in any of the competing cloud native platforms, components or solutions, leaving us un-conflicted and focused on the best solution for each client.

Whether you are beginning your evolution to cloud native technologies or already up and running, you can benefit from our core advisory and consulting capabilities:

Strategy assessment and technology stack evaluation with recommendations
Architecture audit, design and best practices
Migration from monolithic to microservices
Infrastructure planning and deployment
Ongoing support and at large advisory

RX-M provides clients with ongoing or stop gap development resources to assist firms shifting to, or already in, the cloud native space. Take advantage of our expertise and guidance for delivery of:

Application development
Application integration
Legacy application migration
Testing and quality assurance

Our Consulting Packages are designed as point solutions delivered at a fixed price. RX-M Consulting Packages provide a technology assessment, recommendations for build & optimized use and include a tailored training program for your team. We offer custom consulting packages as well.

Cloud Native Enablement and Best Practices
Container Architecture and Best Practices – Quick Start
Container Architecture and Best Practices – Optimize
Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) QA – Quick Start
Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) QA – Optimize


Our team has developed several patented trading platforms featuring matching engines, feed handlers, order entry systems, algorithmic execution and multi-market routing engines as well as research and high frequency trading tools, for both the buy and sell side.

RX-M was founded by Randy Abernethy, architect and founder of the US Broker/Dealer UNX Inc., the first commercial multi-market sweeping platform for program trading. The RX-M team has built trading software in the US, Europe and Asia and engages in ongoing research into the technological impact of regulatory and market structure changes globally.

If you are interested in outsourcing a critical market facing development effort or engaging consultation services we would be happy to discuss solutions with you. Visit our Systems page to review prepackaged solutions for the financial trading market.

Our development team has worked with a wide variety of execution and order management platforms. The extensive collection of RX-M tools and subsystems allows for timely completion of custom integration projects. Wiring commercial and proprietary OMS systems to markets, brokers and settlement infrastructure is greatly simplified through the use of the standards-based RX-M Route technology.

RX-M Route enables efficient interoperability at enterprise scale in the front, middle and back office. Having created a complete executing US agency brokerage platform from the ground up, we bring a wide range of risk and regulatory experience to each project.

The RX-M team has developed an array of execution algorithms and proprietary trading engines. Custom client algorithms can be realized quickly leveraging the broad set of RX-M EX tools and libraries. Our team also has extensive experience developing proprietary trading technology and low latency multimarket systems.

Our hardware and FPGA experience has enabled us to drive improved performance in client C/C++ systems and VM environments (C#/Java) and our experience on the buy and sell side has given us a complete picture of many markets enabling us to add value over and above the technology solution.

RX-M back testing systems are available in various formats and languages, including C++, Java, Scala, C# and Python. Back testing systems allow trading engines to run in back test and production with up to 100% code consistency, greatly enhancing time to market and operational reliability.

Research systems include charting, R integration, production market data playback, MPI and Hadoop scale out and other useful features. We regularly work with extremely large data sets and can help clients develop effective strategies combining structured and unstructured storage.

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