Instrumenting Microservices for K8s – How to Make Your Apps Optimally Operational

(Mar. 2 2020) – Microservices need an operational tune-up in order to perform their best on Kubernetes. This talk, given at the San Francisco Kubernetes Meetup in February, dives into the essential additions needed for highly-efficient microservice deployments on Kubernetes. Randy covers liveness probes, readiness probes, open metrics, logging necessities, and traceability, as well as best practices and strategies for implementation.

Randy Abernethy is a Managing Partner at RX-M, a published author, CKA, CKAD and CNCF Cloud Native Ambassador. Randy’s work allows him to pursue his passion for large scale distributed systems and all things cloud native. Interacting with hundreds of technology professionals each year, he stays highly connected with the latest software and platform trends and developments. Randy is a PMC member of the Apache Thrift project and enjoys collaborating and networking with individuals around the world.

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