Setting Effective CPU and Memory Limits for your K8s Apps

(Mar. 9 2020) – Deploying a microservice on K8s is easy; keeping a microservice running is another story. Without your help, Kubernetes cannot know an app’s resource requirements. Unattributed apps are likely to get evicted from one node after another. This talk, from February’s San Francisco Kubernetes Meetup, delves into several techniques for effectively sizing pod resources, keeping apps and the nodes they run on happy.

Chris Hanson is a Senior Cloud Native Engineer at RX-M, a CKA, CKAD and has taught thousands of engineers and developers how to successfully use containers, Kubernetes and other cloud native tooling to build, package, deploy and orchestrate applications at scale. Chris is an instructor in the RX-M CKA Boot Camp program while also playing a lead role in many client-facing cloud native development projects.