Monitoring Applications

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For the CKAD exam, the scope of monitoring applications is only within the scope of Kubernetes (including the Kubernetes metrics server). Key metrics to monitor are resources such as CPU and memory along with deployments and their running pods. Labels filter for a specific application or domain during monitoring.

The Kubernetes metrics server is not installed with the Kubernetes installation using kubeadm. Install the Kubernetes metrics-server and learn more about the metrics-server.

With the metrics server installed you can view the resources used reported by the kubelets on each pod with kubectl top pods:

$ kubectl top pods -n kube-system

NAME                                       CPU(cores)   MEMORY(bytes)   
coredns-64897985d-5gn7r                    1m           11Mi            
coredns-64897985d-vbl5w                    1m           12Mi            
etcd-ip-172-31-57-184                      15m          43Mi            
kube-apiserver-ip-172-31-57-184            52m          276Mi           
kube-controller-manager-ip-172-31-57-184   10m          45Mi            
kube-proxy-rw4nw                           2m           10Mi            
kube-scheduler-ip-172-31-57-184            3m           17Mi            
metrics-server-6f7946fdd7-dq6hd            4m           13Mi            
weave-net-tbhqd                            1m           45Mi  

Learn more about the tools for monitoring resources on Kubernetesmonitoring, and the metrics server.