RX-M Announces Apache Software Foundation Sponsorship

(Feb. 4 2019) – RX-M is proud to be a Bronze-level sponsor of The Apache Software Foundation, the long-standing non-profit organization with a mission of providing software for the public good. The ASF has developed and championed more than 350 open source projects, including well-known technologies like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and Apache Beam. For the past 20 years, the foundation has also fostered an open source community, growing to over 2000 committers and countless contributors and users.

ASF sponsors must be demonstrably committed to open source software and the foundation’s mission, especially in the case of Bronze-level sponsors like RX-M. Next-generation cloud platforms and application architectures, which are largely driven by open source, are the focus of the firm’s market-neutral training and consulting services. Supporting the ASF’s goals of providing software for the public good and fostering collaborative open-source software development is in direct harmony with the goals of RX-M and the firm is happy to give back to this community and support the ASF’s mission.

To learn more about the Apache Software Foundation Sponsorship Program, visit their sponsorship page here.