A big thank you to everyone at KubeCon 2019!

(Nov. 27 2019) – Last week at KubeCon 2019, we presented our deep Kubernetes and cloud native training catalog with a special dive themed booth. Our CNCF Ambassador, CKA, and CKAD certified experts were on hand in San Diego to answer questions and talk container strategy.

The “deep dive” theme highlighted our extensive cloud native training course catalog, which features over a dozen Kubernetes courses for operators and developers, with curriculum suitable for absolute beginners, ranging up to the most advanced topics.

Members of the RX-M team at KubeCon 2019

With 12,000 attendees, KubeCon was an awesome place to meet new people at various stages in the cloud native journey. Our team’s favorite part was talking with all of the new CKAs and CKADs who stopped by for a special edition certification t-shirt.

We hope everyone had safe trips back home and wish you all a successful end to the year. We are looking forward to seeing you in class and working on training and CN projects with you next year! For a look at our upcoming open enrollments or to speak with our team about private on-site training, head to rx-m.com