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One-Way Pod Scaling with the K8s HPA

Kubernetes has the ability to dynamically scale sets of pods based on resource usage. This is great for ensuring that applications always have the resources they need as loads vary. Autoscaling the number of pods in Kubernetes is most often accomplished using a...

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New Release: Prometheus for Users Training

RX-M is excited to announce our brand new course: Prometheus for Users. This hands on course allows users to move from just using the basic principals of the software to advanced timeseries query development and dashboarding. The course is organized into modules,...

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Vitess: Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes

Though the relational data model inherently fights horizontal scaling attempts, it is the best understood and most used data model in the world. More than one company has planted their storage flag in the MySQL/MariaDB soil only to be confounded by success and the...

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New Release: Fluentd Foundation Training

RX-M would like to announce the recent release of the Fluentd Foundation course. This intensive two day hands-on course will help working technology professionals master the essentials. The course covers key concepts necessary to deploy, use, and tailor a production...

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New Release: C++ Foundation Training

We are excited to announce the addition of our course: C++ Foundation. This hands on course takes developers from the basic principals to practical program construction in C++. Attendees will use C++11 while also introducing features from C++14 and C++17 with clear...

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