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RX-M Adds More Than 10 Days of Kubernetes Specialization and Advanced Training to Course Roster

(Dec. 10 2018) – RX-M, a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and Training Partner, has added over…

(Dec. 10 2018) – RX-M, a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and Training Partner, has added over 10 days of Kubernetes training to its already extensive Cloud Native training offerings. These courses complement existing RX-M Cloud Native offerings covering foundational Kubernetes topics, container technology, microservices, cloud platforms, as well as CKA and CKAD Kubernetes Certification Boot Camps.

A sample of new courses include:

  • Securing Kubernetes (2 days) – Intensive overview of processes and practices relevant to Kubernetes security for platform operators.
  • Kubernetes Day-2 Operations (2 days) – A deeper look at the Kubernetes platform and the tasks associated with maintaining and running a production cluster after initial deployment.
  • Kubernetes for Developers (3 days) – Designed to provide working developers a clear understanding of Kubernetes application design and specification.
  • Writing Kubernetes Operators (3-4 days) – Focused on the architecture, APIs and development practices involved in constructing Kubernetes operators.
  • Istio on Kubernetes (2 days) – Comprehensive introduction to the Istio service mesh using the Envoy proxy on Kubernetes.

Additional offerings and information about RX-M’s expanded Kubernetes Training curriculum can be found at https://rx-m.com/training/kubernetes-training/.

“The pace of Kubernetes adoption in 2018 has been breathtaking,” said Randy Abernethy, Managing Partner of RX-M. “The proof of this is born out by the demand for next-level training in and around Kubernetes. RX-M has responded with a comprehensive set of in-depth course offerings designed for enterprises moving beyond experimentation. The new private offerings are augmented by our global schedule of open enrollment CKA and CKAD boot camp events, all of which are designed to meet, what we believe will be, further acceleration of demand in the cloud native space.”