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New Release: Prometheus for Users Training

RX-M is excited to announce our brand new course: Prometheus for Users. This hands-on course allows users to move from just using the basic principals of the software to advanced timeseries query development and dashboarding. The course is organized into modules, these include hands-on labs that offer practical experience working with Prometheus. The course can be…

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New Release: Fluentd Foundation Training

RX-M would like to announce the recent release of the Fluentd Foundation course. This intensive two-day hands-on course will help working technology professionals master the essentials. The course covers key concepts necessary to deploy, use, and tailor a production solution. Attendees will learn how to collect data from multiple sources using data input and parsing plugins as…

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New Release: C++ Foundation Training

New Release: C++ Foundation Training We are excited to announce the addition of our course: C++ Foundation. This hands-on course takes developers from the basic principals to practical program construction in C++. Attendees will use C++11 while also introducing features from C++14 and C++17 with clear attribution.  The modules of this course provide coverage of the most…

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New Release: Kubernetes Foundation for EKS Training

It brings RX-M great pleasure to announce the addition of our Kubernetes Foundation for EKS course. This hands-on course offers technology professionals experience with Kubernetes concepts and operations in both stand-alone and EKS environments. Covering a wide range of Kubernetes controllers and details pod networking and service functions, students will be given a clear understanding of Kubernetes and…

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