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Navigate the deployments powering 5G with training that matures your DevOps practices

Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes


Telecommunications Focused Cloud Native Courses


CNF Fundamentals

This two-day course is designed to expose network engineers, developers, IT staff and technical managers to the cloud native platform components and features enabling next-generation Virtual Network Functions, known as Cloud-Native Network Functions [CNFs].  Kubernetes, the principal orchestrator underlying cloud native systems, and CNFs are being used to build, operate and accelerate cable, mobile and video networks all over the world. This is designed to be a first-course for engineering staff moving to, or considering cloud native solutions and architectures. Attendees will leave with an in-depth understanding of Kubernetes, CNFs and the principals driving next-generation architectures, enabling 5G and beyond.


Kubernetes Foundation for Telecommunications

This course provides telecommunications network engineers, developers, SREs, REs, IT, DevOps and other technical staff, with a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes, the core platform empowering next-generation cloud native systems. This course delivers the knowledge and skill necessary to begin working with Kubernetes in production Telco environments. Through labs and lecture, attendees will develop experience with all of the core features of Kubernetes, including: 

  • Containers, images, and registries 
  • Basic Kubernetes installation and control plane components
  • Pod configuration, deployment, and management
  • Pod and Container security
  • Services and networking
  • Cloud-Native Network Functions [CNFs]

CI/CD Solutions for Kubernetes Environments

This intensive 3-day hands-on course covers the concepts, principles and best practices surrounding modern DevOps and cloud native CI/CD solutions. The course provides attendees with practical experience configuring and using some of the most popular CI/CD projects, including Jenkins, Spinnaker, GitLab, Harbor, Helm, and Kubernetes. Attendees will learn how to automate complete git driven pipelines using popular methodologies to integrate quality, security, provenance and governance concerns. Upon completion, attendees will be prepared to design, implement and operate enterprise-grade Kubernetes CI/CD solutions tailored to the needs of their unique organization.


Cloud Native Edge and IoT Foundation

This three-day hands-on course provides Telecommunications network engineers, developers, IT and other technical staff with an in-depth introduction to the next generation technologies integrating the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and cloud native systems. The course provides a combination of theory and practical applications through lectures and extensive hands-on labs working with systems, software, and devices.

Attendees will explore foundational IoT concepts such as microcontrollers, radios, networks, and sensors with a range of discussions and experiments designed to deepen understanding and provide practical experience. Programmable networking equipment and containerized application deployment and operation at the edge are also covered. Kubernetes is introduced as the target orchestration system for these next-generation environments, explored throughout the course using a range of edge system orchestration tie ins.

By the conclusion of the course, attendees will have a broad, yet practical understanding of cloud native systems and their application in edge computing and IoT.

Contact us to request more information about enrolling in any of our telecommunications focused open enrollment courses or to inquire about booking a custom in-house course for your team.

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