Thanks for a wonderful 2017

(Dec. 22, 2017) – RX-M has been helping clients surmount technology, culture and process challenges…

(Dec. 22, 2017) – RX-M has been helping clients surmount technology, culture and process challenges since 2011. As a boutique consulting firm we maintain a close relationship with our clients, striving to anticipate and add value as we develop an understanding of their needs and goals. Our absolute dedication to our clients drives us as a firm.

Another important part of the RX-M DNA is our belief in an open source platform for software systems. We have always been active participants in the open source space, working with a range of projects in a variety of capacities. Our exponential growth over the last few years has however impacted our off-hour contributions to the public open source knowledge pool. As a company that thrives commercially on consulting, research and training, our public contributions in the area of blogs and open source research have been few in recent years, in this we are remiss.

I write this immediately after folding up our booth at the second annual CNCF con. CNCF is the host organization for Kubernetes, which is perhaps the most transformative application platform since the advent of machine virtualization. The first CNCF con in Seattle occurred in 2016 and drew just over 1,000 participants. This year the convention exceeded 4,000 participants and had the backing of every major cloud vendor and the vast majority of the fortune 50 tech firms, not to mention scads of small nimble startups. The game-changing nature of cloud native systems offers quite a bit of room for opinion pieces, competitive analysis and deep dives.

As a team, the entire RX-M shop has committed to a lively agenda of blog and research posts throughout 2018. This space will feature articles from our most experienced consultants covering Cloud Native systems of all types, including important trends, such as service meshes and projects like Istio, microservice architecture concepts and emerging design patterns, as well as human factors and cultural changes required for success in this space. We are looking forward to engaging clients and the broad community alike in this effort.

2017 has been a wonderful year at RX-M and we owe it all to our wonderful customers. Without them, our path would be none too clear. As it stands we are looking forward to a bright and engaging 2018 with a wealth of new research and information to share.

Wishing everyone a productive and exciting 2018 and the happiest of holidays!

— The RX-M Team