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Training and Consulting Firm RX-M Introduces Cloud Native Health Check

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 11, 2021) – Today, the industry-leading cloud native technology training and consulting…

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 11, 2021) – Today, the industry-leading cloud native technology training and consulting firm RX-M announces its proprietary Cloud Native Health Check.

The Cloud Native Health Check aims to help organizations optimize application and platform transformations while ensuring the continuous availability of mission-critical apps.w

This RX-M professional services offering can be specifically helpful to organizations making one of these common migrations: Java Enterprise to Cloud Native; VM Infrastructure to Serverless; NFV to CNF; Mesos to Kubernetes; Monolithic to Microservice. The digital transformation journey results in many critical challenges such as state design and migration in a dynamic environment, a dramatic increase in the number of services to manage, structural misalignment between applications and platforms, a growing need to operationalize services, new threat vectors, and software supply chain security challenges.

“Our team of cloud native digital transformation experts can provide organizations with the skills, understanding, and roadmap necessary to create a successful digital transformation journey,” said RX-M Managing Partner Randy Abernethy. “Our Cloud Native Health Check creates a gap analysis based on more than one hundred checkpoints, allowing us to work with teams to design a prioritized evolutionary plan, accelerating the cloud native value add while reducing obstacles and challenges.”

The RX-M Cloud Native Health Check is a systematized way to define efficient migration strategies from legacy architectures. The health check will help teams avoid state inconsistencies due to incorrect designs or tool usage, identify scaling issues and performance problems, correct cloud native anti-patterns while highlighting platform and supply chain security best practices.

To get your organization started with a Cloud Native Health Check, contact the RX-M team at info@rx-m.com.

About RX-M

RX-M is a Cloud Native training and consulting firm that provides customized open source-driven solutions at both the platform and application level, offering in-person and virtual services to customers globally. With offices in San Francisco and Miami, RX-M’s deeply experienced team consists of published open source authors, conference speakers, project contributors and committers, as well as Apache PMC members. We offer unbiased, market neutral advice and perspectives. Since our founding in 2012, RX-M has helped dozens of startups and Fortune 500 companies navigate and master a wide range of technologies, such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark and many others, while also providing advisory and tailored training services around methodologies and approaches critical to successful Cloud Native transformations, such as Agile, DevOps, SRE, CI/CD and GitOps.