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Navigate your cloud native world with training that matures your DevOps practices

Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes


On-Site Cloud Native & DevOps Training Catalog

RX-M is a leading cloud-native technology and DevOps training firm. We offer hands-on training, delivered by Industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes. We provide value to our clients through deep expertise and extensive experience in the development and delivery of impactful training programs. Engage RX-M for your cloud-native and DevOps training program to:

  • Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice
  • Enable your team with instructor-led courses on a global basis (onsite or online)
  • Align learning with business objectives

RX-M trains thousands of engineers annually, covering the latest trends in tools, languages, methodology, and architecture. We update our course offerings frequently and custom course development requests are always welcome.

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Cloud Orchestration Courses


Container Technology Courses

Container Technology Courses

Stateful Services Courses


CI / CD Courses


Microservices App Development Courses


Telecommunications Focused Courses


Messaging / Streaming Courses


Cloud Services Courses


Data Science Courses


Configuration Management Courses


Serverless App Development Courses


Service Mesh / Ingress Courses


Additional Courses


Contact us to request more information about any of our courses or to inquire about creating a custom on-site course for your team.


RX-M's Cloud Native & DevOps enablement philosophy

Bring a neutral perspective

We bring a market-neutral perspective to every engagement, taking no stake in any of the competing cloud native platforms, components or solutions so we can offer unbiased insights to our clients

Practice what we teach

We are a multi-cloud company consisting of prominent open source contributors with large-scale software engineering experience, actively contributing to the evolution of next-gen software architectures, application management and platforms

Be solution focused

RX-M has the unique ability to deliver purpose-built, solution-based training in the form of custom curriculum that aligns with each of our client's specific desired outcomes so your team has the skills needed to accelerate the business

Our team has been trusted to work alongside Cloud Native and DevOps teams at some of the most exciting brands