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AngularJS Training


This hands-on course provides practicing JavaScript programmers with a comprehensive introduction to the AngularJS web application framework. Attendees will learn how to take advantage of the unique approach to web development embraced by AngularJS. Web development libraries allow programmers to use features as they require during development, however, AngularJS is a complete structural framework and is hard to use piecemeal. Understanding the AngularJS approach to web application development is critical in taking advantage of the framework’s ability to empower rapid front end development with a minimal amount of code.

In this training course, students will learn and gain hands-on practice with the full range of AngularJS features. During lab time students will construct various AngularJS applications learning the key features of the framework through hands-on development and experimentation. Lecture topics will take attendees through the range of Angular features from MVC fundamentals through to data binding, forms, validation and custom service construction.

This is an instructor-led training (ILT) class and is available for onsite and online delivery.

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