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Cassandra for Users

This Cassandra training course provides an architectural introduction to NoSQL systems and the Cassandra database in particular. Students will learn the principles behind the Cassandra-partitioned row store and how its characteristics impact the design and use of Cassandra as a database platform. Students will spend much of the course learning version 3 of the Cassandra Query Language.

The course covers table creation and the significance of keys as well as design best practices. At the core of the course is an iteratively-developed understanding of the vast difference in storage architecture; SQL to CQL are compared and contrasted and exercises are used to solidify the similarities and differences between the two query languages. Training also covers the use of compound keys, clustering, collections, column expiration, counters, indexing and a range of additional CQL topics.

This is an instructor-led training (ILT) class and is available for onsite and online delivery.

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