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Certified Agile Service Manager

Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes

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2 Days

Available On-Site

Available Virtually

Open Enrollments Available


This two-day hands-on course provides an introduction to Agile Service Management, the application, and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects. Agile thinking improves Information Technology’s (IT) effectiveness and efficiency and enables IT to continue to deliver value in the face of changing requirements.


Available for Instructor-Led (ILT) in-person/onsite training or Virtual Instructor-Led training (VILT) delivery; Open Enrollment options may be available.

Who Should Attend

Process Owners, Process Designers, Process Stakeholders, Developers, Managers, Consultants

What Attendees will learn

The course blends Agile and IT Service Management (ITSM) practices to support end-to-end Agile Service Management. At the end of this course, developer-focused attendees will learn how to manage services instead of products and operation-focused and ITSM-focused attendees learn to be more how to be more agile, improve flow of work, and have greater time to value.

The Certified Agile Service Manager course positions attendees to successfully complete the Certified Agile Service Manager exam. This course is offered with or without the Certified Agile Service Manager exam.

Learning modules include:

  • The Agile Manifesto core values and principles
  • Agile concepts and practices including IT Service Management, Kanban, Lean and DevOps
  • SCRUM from a product and process perspective
  • Agile thinking and values into service management
  • Scrum roles, artifacts, and events as it applies to both products and processes
  • Agile Process Improvement – ensuring processes are lean and deliver “just enough” control
  • Agile Process Design – applying Agile practices to process design projects


Familiarity with ITSM processes and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is recommended. Completion of a pre-course assignment.