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Cloud Native Fundamentals

Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes

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2 Days

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Delivery: Live Instructor-Led, In-Person or Online
Target audience: Developers, DevOps/SRE/RE/IT staff and technical managers

This two-day course is designed to expose attendees to the features and components essential to a cloud native platform, enabling teams to integrate cloud native technologies to improve ROI while reducing technical debt. From Kubernetes, the principal orchestrator underlying cloud native systems to common cloud services, the course will show attendees how a range of tools and related techniques can help firms realize their technical roadmap. This course is an introduction for engineering staff moving to, or considering cloud native solutions and architectures. Attendees will leave in-depth understanding of Kubernetes, cloud services, and how they can be used to improve the customer experience.