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Cloud Native Storage Survey

2 Days

Available On-Site

Available Virtually

Open Enrollments Available

Cloud Native Storage Survey is an extensive two day course covering a plethora of cloud native storage solutions, including Cassandra, Hazelcast, Kafka, MongoDB, Redis, and Vitess (all open source, naturally). By providing a survey of these options, participants will be enabled to help choose the solution(s) which best suit their organization or organizational unit's needs. By providing a vendor neutral overview, this course offers an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each, regardless of whether the final decision by a group is to seek an on-prem, public cloud, hosted service, or hybrid solution.


Our Cloud Native Storage Survey course is available for Instructor-Led (ILT) in-person/onsite training or Virtual Instructor-Led training (VILT) delivery; Open Enrollment options may be available.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to provide architects, DBAs, and data engineers with an overview of cloud oriented clustered state managers, contrasting various architectures and surveying primary use cases.

What Attendees will learn

The ground work of the course includes practical and theoretical foundation, covering topics such as ACID and the CAP theorem, sharding/partitioning, replication, eventual consistency, quorum, read your own writes and more. Attendees will become familiar with the key concepts and architectural patterns involved in distributed state management and how they influence performance, availability and durability.

The latter portion of the course takes a survey form, covering the most popular cloud native open source storage solutions, covering documents stores to key/value stores, column family stores, sharded relational stores and scale out streaming stores. Upon completion attendees will have the architectural foundation and practical knowledge necessary to select an appropriate storage solutions for a wide range of cloud native application requirements at any scale.


Each attendee will need the ability to ssh to a lab instance in the cloud. Basic Linux command line skills are valuable but not required.

Contact us to request more information about enrolling in the Cloud Native Storage Survey course or to inquire about booking a custom in-house course for your team.

The RX-M Approach

Bring a neutral perspective

We bring a market neutral perspective to every engagement, taking no stake in any of the competing cloud native platforms, components or solutions so we can offer unbiased insights to our clients

Practice what we teach

We are a multi-cloud company consisting of prominent open source contributors with large-scale software engineering experience, actively contributing to the evolution of next-gen software architectures, application management, and platforms

Be solution focused

RX-M has the unique ability to deliver purpose-built, solution-based training in the form of custom curriculum that aligns with each of our client's specific desired outcomes so your team has the skills needed to accelerate your business

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