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High Concurrency/Low Latency C Programming

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4 Days

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This course gives practicing C programmers an inside look at the way C applications interact with libraries, operating systems, and hardware, focusing on the development of optimal performance in areas of both latency and concurrency. The course begins with a discussion of the nature of performance in software and the balance between latency and concurrency and techniques for accurate and objective performance measurement are illustrated. Coverage of memory models follows, describing the performance considerations associated with registers, cache, physical and virtual memory. Memory distribution architectures are examined along with C mechanisms available to optimally implement portable, memory-intensive application logic.

Modern C approaches to parallel execution are covered, with labs illustrating the impact of various designs in concurrent systems. C I/O is examined, both local and network-based, along with various schemes for optimizing throughput and latency. The course covers high concurrency topics with an investigation of locking and inter-thread communications. Memory fences, atomic operations, bus locks and designs for lockless queues are examined in detail. The course culminates with a survey of various third party C technologies designed for high-performance computing.

This is an instructor-led training (ILT) class and is available for onsite and online delivery.