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Kubernetes for Ops

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Our advanced Kubernetes training for Ops course is aimed at operations staff, platform managers, and SREs looking for a deep dive into Kubernetes architecture and internals. The course covers the scheduling algorithm, kubelet internals, service meshes and service proxies, software-defined networking, service discovery, cluster security, and observability: monitoring, tracing, and logging.

This Kubernetes Advanced for Operators training course picks up where RX-M’s Kubernetes Foundation leaves off and is designed to provide experienced Kubernetes users with a detailed look at the administration and deployment of the Kubernetes platform through a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises. This course will give attendees a better understanding of Kubernetes features including the scheduler, replication controller master, kublet and service proxies.

Attendees will also get a chance to work with Kubernetes add-ons including DNS, container registry, web UIs, and cluster monitoring. Students will gain hands-on experience configuring and managing Kubernetes features and functions in a live Kubernetes lab cluster and will also have a chance to work with Kubernetes in the cloud. Those attending will leave with a clear understanding of the more advanced features of Kubernetes and how they operate in a container-based enterprise.


Available for Instructor-Led (ILT) in-person/onsite training or Virtual Instructor-Led training (VILT) delivery; Open Enrollment options may be available.

Who Should Attend

Kubernetes Operators, Information Technology (IT) Staff, Site/Service Reliability Engineers (SRE)

What Attendees will learn

This course is designed to provide technology staff with a deeper look at the deployment and operations of Kubernetes. Learning modules include:

  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Kubelet and advanced pod configuration
  • Deep dive into Kubernetes scheduling
  • Service meshes, load balancing and software-defined networking
  • Securing the Kubernetes cluster


Students should have taken “Docker Foundation” and “Kubernetes Foundation” courses or have equivalent knowledge. Each attendee must provide their own laptop with the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine. Unconstrained internet access is also required to complete the labs.

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