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MANTL Training


This two-day hands-on Mantl training course will give attendees a comprehensive introduction to Mantl and its function as an efficient microservices platform. Attendees will gain basic experience with the complete Mantl stack including:

  • Terraform infrastructure provisioning
  • Ansible platform configuration
  • Mesos cluster management
  • Marathon containerized service orchestration
  • Docker container execution engine
  • Calico virtual networking
  • Consul service discovery
  • Traefik load balancing
  • Vault secret management
  • collectd metrics collection
  • ELK log management and analytics

Lecture and lab sessions collaborate to demonstrate the use of Mantl to manage evolving distributed microservice-based systems using best of breed DevOps tools. Attendees will gain hands-on experience deploying and running microservice-based applications on a Mantl cluster in a lab environment. Upon course completion, attendees will be able to deploy and leverage the Mantl container-based services management platform in environments large and small while using the Mantl substrate to streamline the deployment of applications in CI/CD environments.

This is an instructor-led training (ILT) class and is available for onsite and online delivery.

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