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Rust Embedded

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2 Days

Available On-Site

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This course is designed to provide Rust practitioners the knowledge on how and why Rust is used in embedded development

This courses primary goal is to get a Rust practitioner up and running with embedded development. Rust is often associated with safety, but in the embedded world, sometimes those safety mechanisms are not available. The embedded world has its own tooling and concerns. We start with a quick introduction to the tools, moving into the specialized concerns of embedded Rust development. At the end, we give a general overview of the state of Rust and Linux.


Live Instructor-Led (ILT) In-Person or Online

Who Should Attend

Developers and Technical Managers

What Will Attendees Learn

Day 1

  • Embedded Tooling
  • Understand no_std
  • Building applications
  • Debugging

Day 2

  • More on Embedded Tooling
  • Exceptions, Panics, and Memory Concerns
  • Concurrency
  • WASM
  • Linux and Rust

Attendees must have intermediate programming experience to benefit fully from this course.