UpSkill Courses

As business needs change, so do the skill requirements for your team. Our experts can create skill transition training and consulting plans mapped to your business goals, accelerating business and careers. Upskilling your team's capacity provides the path to efficiency and desired outcomes. Our team can help you build your program. 


New Limited Time Offers

  • Private training: By One Get One on group classes. (Certain Limitations Apply)
  • Public Classes:
    • August 22-26 Kubernetes Administrator Certification (CKA) BootCamp with exam voucher
    • September 26-30 Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) with exam voucher
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Data Science Courses

Organizations with evolving technology and platforms require IT capacity to grow with their needs. The challenge prompts many companies to increase their internal Data Science capacity. The interdisciplinary function relies on scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from various data and apply knowledge from data across a broad range of application domains. Our data science curriculum can help you navigate the future.  For custom plans, contact our team.

Programming Courses

Individuals and companies alike need to increase their skill sets to keep pace with ever-changing technology. Training your existing team can prove to be a much better investment to search for the skills and fit elsewhere. RX-M can provide the training and the advisory and development bridge while your team increases their capacity to meet your changing needs. Our instructors can provide the programming training necessary to take the next step. For custom plans, contact our team.

Do you or your team need something customized? We can do that. 

If you or your team have specific needs, our team can quickly customize and deliver training and advisory services specific to your organizational requirements.

“The class was very well structured, with great in-depth content. The drills were instrumental in helping me pass the exam.”

Edward, Sr. Staff Engineer, Product Software at Equinix - CKA Boot Camp

“The Kubernauts who took part in our Kubernetes training named the deep discussions, practical production advice, labs, etcd cluster, and creation of the K8s environment as their highlights. We were stoked and more than one participant said everything was useful!”

Bruno Lago, Managing Director at Catalyst Cloud Limited - Kubernetes

“If you ever have Docker training from Chris (Highly recommended) make sure you ask him about track 0!”

Alan Renouf, Sr. Product Line Manager at VMWare - Docker

“The instructor clearly had expert-level knowledge of the Kubernetes ecosystem, and he was a good and effective communicator.”

Engineer at Fortune 500 Company - CKA Boot Camp

“Thank you for all your help. [Passing the CKA exam would] definitely not have been possible without you. And also was great to make your acquaintance. Hope our paths cross again.”

Engineer at Fortune 500 Company - CKA Boot Camp

“I thought I knew Kubernetes coming into this program, yet I learned a lot in the class.”

Engineer at Fortune 500 Company - CKA Boot Camp

“I found the Instructor’s balanced 'real-world' view on the subject refreshing and very useful. His knowledge of real scenarios was very valuable.”

Engineer at Fortune 50 Company - Microservice Application Architecture

“I liked that the instructor was able to adapt the material to our specific problem. I especially found the section about multi-threading useful.”

Sr. Engineer at Aerospace Company - Python Programming

“The instructor did a great job providing examples, content, and answering questions. He engaged the team throughout the presentation to keep everyone's attention and was very knowledgeable on Go. Thoroughly enjoyed the class! He was very insightful.”

Engineer at Financial Services Company - Go Programming

“This instructor was very knowledgeable. Class was presented in a good format, with a mix of lecture and then pertinent labs. Labs were really well put together and easy to follow. You'd think that would be a 'normal' thing, but it isn't. Good job!”

Director at Fortune 50 Healthcare Company - Advanced Kubernetes

“The instructor was knowledgeable and the exercises labs helped to make the learning solid... RX-M is one of the most knowledgeable training groups I have seen in my career. Just outstanding!”

Engineer at Fortune 50 Networking Company - Serverless (FaaS)

“Randy is THE BEST instructor I have run into in the last 10 years among all the classes attended as he not only is very experienced with class delivery, but also has tons field experience. I was a certified trainer for MS/Novell/Cisco and took pride in my work, so I don't say this lightly.”

Senior Engineer at Financial Services Company - Puppet

“Nothing to add, but compliment to Chris Hanson for providing extraordinary great teaching and breaking down Docker for ease of learning... Chris explained all those industry buzzwords and provided how pieces go in one piece. Provided all needed info for further depth diving. Chris gets 6 out 5 as an instructor.”

Senior Engineer at Fortune 100 Enterprise Technology Services Company - Docker Foundation

“Chris was extremely knowledgeable. He was at his best when he was providing examples of how he had used this tech to do real projects. His ability to diagnose and solve problems we had with labs was indicative of his mastery of the underlying tech.”

Engineer at Global Analytics Company - Containers and Kubernetes

RX-M is a global Cloud Native training and advisory firm. RX-M is a charter member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is in the founding class of Kubernetes Certified Service Providers (KCSP) and Kubernetes Training Partners (KTP).  We bring a market-neutral perspective to every engagement, taking no stake in any of the competing cloud-native platforms, components or solutions, offering unbiased insights to our clients.


Contact us for Corporate Pricing, Custom Cloud Native Training Classes, and Corporate Tuition Program.

The RX-M Approach

Bring a neutral perspective

We bring a market neutral perspective to every engagement, taking no stake in any of the competing cloud native platforms, components or solutions so we can offer unbiased insights to our clients

Practice what we teach

We are a multi-cloud company consisting of prominent open source contributors with large-scale software engineering experience, actively contributing to the evolution of next-gen software architectures, application management, and platforms

Be solution focused

RX-M has the unique ability to deliver purpose-built, solution-based training in the form of custom curriculum that aligns with each of our client's specific desired outcomes so your team has the skills needed to accelerate your business

Our team has been trusted to work alongside some of the world's leading companies