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Kubernetes Consulting

RX-M offers a broad range of Kubernetes consulting services from Kubernetes proof of concepts to Kubernetes CI/CD integrations. Our hand-picked team’s core focus is helping your team achieve it’s business objectives.

Kubernetes Consulting

Kubernetes Consulting Services


Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized services that facilitates declarative configuration and automation. It has a growing ecosystem that includes services, support, and tools. Whatever stage your team is in, when it comes to Kubernetes adoption, RX-M’s Kubernetes consultants are ready to partner with you to ensure successful container orchestration design, development, and operation.

RX-M is a vendor- and project-neutral, US-based firm, focused on the best solutions for your business.


Kubernetes Proof of Concepts

Were you thinking about introducing Kubernetes into your organization’s ecosystem? RX-M can compose and integrate a wide range of Kubernetes-based platform prototypes targeting your organization’s essential requirements. These PoCs can help teams adapt and adopt, supporting experimentation, exploration, test cases, and teaching by example through best practice-based components, configuration, and integration.

In addition, RX-M has extensive experience helping organizations adopt Kubernetes at scale, from CI/CD development and brownfield migration to microservices, containerization, and state management.

Platform Design

Ready to officially hit the on-switch and move to Kubernetes? Ensure the success of your Kubernetes implementation before you launch with RX-M advisory services. We’ll help you think through critical decisions around cultural change, security, governance, scale, project and vendor selection, networking, lifecycle management, monitoring, risk, and more.

Our proprietary 128-point checklist will ensure that you’ve covered all the bases necessary to maximize the success of your cloud native endeavors.

Kubernetes Solution Construction

Our neutral perspective powers a custom cloud native philosophy we bring to our client engagements. A diversely experienced team throughout the entire cloud-native landscape allows us to build platform, service, and application layer solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. We work with a range of development languages: Node, Python, Go, Java, and C#, interface technologies including REST, gRPC, and Thrift, state management solutions such as Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Vitess (MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres), a host of observability, packaging and security components, and more.

We drive all of our projects with best-in-class open source components and standards. Whether it’s a Prometheus-based OpenTelemetry monitoring solution, a microservice-based application project, or a Cassandra-based DBaaS solution, we can deliver what you need to fill the digital transformation gaps.

CI/CD Integrations

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration platform, but it represents only a single piece of a modern, DevOps-driven cloud native solution. Continuous integration and deployment are critical aspects of any solution designed to minimize time to market and maximize competitive advantage. RX-M can not only help you create a complete CI/CD solution, but we can also help you select the projects used to build your solution and construct a fully integrated pipeline ready to use.

We work with various DevOps and CI/CD projects, including GitLab, Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, CircleCI, TravisCI, Helm, Customize, Ansible, Argo, GoCD, and many more.

No matter where you are in your Kubernetes implementation, contact us for a consultation