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Docker Advanced

Learn how to put the latest open source technology into practice with hands-on training, delivered by industry experts, aligned to your desired business outcomes

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2 Days

Available On-Site

Available Virtually

Open Enrollments Available


This two-day hands-on Docker training course is designed to pick up where RX-M’s Docker Foundation course leaves off; it provides in-depth coverage of the advanced aspects of Docker and orchestration tools commonly used to deploy and maintain containerized application infrastructures. Attendees will leave with a detailed understanding of container networking internals and multi-host networking, security concerns, cgroup constraints, and namespace isolation mechanisms.

Discussion includes a look at the evolving microservice-based ecosystem and the relationship between Docker and the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards. Docker architecture is examined at the runC, containerD and Engine levels. Students will gain experience with Docker API operations and distributed Docker configuration. Key orchestration tools used with Docker will also be introduced, including Docker Machine and Docker Swarm.

The skills and knowledge developed in this course will be particularly useful to system designers and architects interested in leveraging the best features of containers and avoiding common pitfalls. Upon completion of the course, attendees will have the skills and information necessary to effectively integrate Docker and containers into sophisticated enterprise environments.


Available for Instructor-Led (ILT) in-person/onsite training or Virtual Instructor-Led training (VILT) delivery; Open Enrollment options may be available.

Who Should Attend

Developers, Information Technology (IT) and Quality Assurance (QA) Staff, Technical Managers, DevOps and Build Personnel

What Attendees will learn

This course is designed to provide technology staff with a deep look into the operations and architecture of the Docker Engine as well as an orientation to the Docker DevOps tools, Machine and Swarm.

  • Docker architecture
  • Docker Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Docker networking
  • Securing containers
  • Container orchestration


Suggested prerequisites for Docker Advanced are our Docker Foundation or equivalent experience and the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine.

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